Oktoberfest 2017 Beer Tents

With over 30 beer tents spanning the festival grounds, Oktoberfest truly is BEER HEAVEN on earth! Take a look at our reviews of the major Oktoberfest beer tents, and then pick the tents you want to visit on your trip! Below is the Grounds Layout from 2017:

Schottenhamel Tent / Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu Brewery

We will start our beer tent tour with Schottenhamel of course, as this is the tent where the Mayor of Munich ceremoniously taps the first keg at 12pm noon on the Opening Day of the Oktoberfest, thus initiating the official beginning of Oktoberfest! The Mayor yells “O’zapft is!” and cannons blast 12 "BOOMS" to salute the official start of the festival - finally, all tents can begin serving beer to its thirsty guests - PROST!! Seating Capacity: 6,000 Inside; 4,000 Outside.

Hacker-Festhalle / Hacker-Pschorr Brewery

The Hacker-Pschorr tent features one of the most beautifully decorated interiors, with huge banners of heavenly clouds hanging from the rafters above. Seating Capacity: 9,300 Inside.

Hacker Psorr.jpg

Marstall Tent / Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu Brewery

The Marstall Tent is Oktoberfest's newest beer tent, first debuting at Oktoberfest 2014. Marstall replaced the famed Hippodrom Tent (pictured bottom right) after the 2013 season, it was a concession taken from the owner following a conviction of tax evasion. Seating Capacity: 3,200 Inside; 1,000 Outside.

Löwenbräu-Festhalle - Löwenbräu Brewery

The Löwenbräu-Festhalle Tent features a prominent Lion at its entrance. Stay long enough and you will hear the Lion let out a loud ROAR, which occurs every few minutes. It comes as no surprise that this is a favorite meeting point for the fans of the Munich Lions Soccer Club. Seating Capacity: 5,700 Inside; 2,800 Outside.

Hofbräu Festzelt - Hofbräu München

The Hofbrau Tent is one of the most rocking tents on the Wiesn, due in large part to its international draw and visitors' love of Hofbrau Haus, the Munich restaurant popular for its beer, food and music. Seating Capacity: 6,898 Inside; 3,022 Outside.

Hofbrau Beer Tent Oktoberfest Insider Tours 3.jpg


Schützen-Festzelt - Löwenbräu Brewery

Oktoberfest-goers go gaga for this Tent's suckling pig and potato salad dinner. Seating Capacity: 5,100 Inside; 1,400 Outside.

Schutzen 5.jpg